• Shlomit Ovadia

New Heights

Canary in a cage, watches the world outside move in strange cadence

Days pass by, a collage of experiences, shifting with tremendous patience

Yet from the confines of metal sprigs, remain out of reach, complaisance

A gust of wind rattles, unlatching tiny metal door.

It flutters open with the strong temperament of life, offering more.

Unfolding before her, it entices with winds of lavender

Through which to take flight, to awaken from her slumber

To soar above pine treetops and skim over glistening gullies

The vicissitudes of airy tides invite movement, nature’s liberties

Yet, agile wings, built to fly without reserve

Lay lamely by her sides, she does observe.

How to use these foreign objects—their beauty unblemished

Virgins to the sensations of flight, functions not relished.

The outside beckons—pale blue skies and clouds of profound gray

Sunrise peeking out in shimmers of pink and orange, come day.

The winds promise passion, heartache, love, and more sensations aflare.

Without thought, wings find their way, catching hold of cool morning air

Lifting, reaching ecstasy, lost in clouds of feeling; nothing can compare.


Shlomit earned her BA in English Literature, and has since pursued writing professions of

various degrees. Her creative works have been published in literary journals, including

Prometheus Dreaming, The Bangalore Review, and Sad Girls Club Literary Blog. She writes for

a health magazine and continues to explore opportunities for aut

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