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The Editorial Team


White Hydrangeas

A little bit about us.

We are a women owned and managed blog. We support women writers because we are women writers and know what it's like to submit work for publication. We accept short story, memoir and poetry submissions and we promise it will be a good experience.


Kate Becker


Kate founded GDLJ to support women writers. Too often good stories get overlooked. The mission of GDLJ is to publish well-written material that adheres to the structure of a short story. 

Kate is a published author and works as a developmental and line editor. 

In a previous life she was an award-winning blueberry jam maker. 

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S.J. Walker

Senior Editor/Writer

S.J. Walker is a mother, editor and aspiring novelist. She graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in Psychology and is currently working towards her MFA in creative writing at Southern New Hampshire University. She has a small scattering of published short stories and owns a black cat who serves as an adorable muse for tales of dark fantasy.

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