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Through Dorthea Lange’s Grayscale Lens

a woman in the Community Food Bank walks

past bins of frozen turkeys pyramids of pumpkins

her fingers drifting across plastic bags of cranberries

and marshmallows lingering for a handful of green

beans, two sweet potatoes, a loaf of Colonial white

bread two rolls of toilet paper she pulls her

threadbare gray jacket tight around her chest

walks the half- mile to her bedroll and cardboard

shelter pleated under the Interstate 75 bridge

no kitchen no oven no home

no over the river and through the woods

in the grayscale lens of Dorthea Lange’s Graflex camera.


Eve Hoffman grew up on a Georgia dairy farm, loves dirt roads. Honored as a Remarkable Woman by Smith College. A Celebration of Healing twenty lives impacted by breast cancer. Memory & Complicity Georgia poetry book of the year nominee. Chapbooks Red Clay and SHE.

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