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Reminiscence: Mother

Who envied my youth and smaller nose that didn’t hook like hers

who couldn’t shield me from my father’s wrath

though her heart burned

Who praised me as pretty

but other girls’ boyfriends

attested the lie

Who encouraged and praised my writing

but other women’s publications

attested the lie

Who thought I did everything so easily

(of course she was wrong)

Who wanted more time with me

while I tried to forge myself

and pulled away, silent for months

Who, despite all, forgave me

for not being who and where she wanted

Whom I finally forgave, despite all,

for not giving me life tools of confidence and strength

Who, now, I want to thank anyway

and see her smile

And who, despite all, loved me

and cried out for me in her last hours


Author, editor, writing coach, and spiritual counselor, Noelle Sterne, PhD, has published over

700 pieces in literary and academic venues. Her handbook,Challenges in Writing Your

Dissertation,addresses doctoral candidates’ nonacademic difficulties.InTrust Your Life:

Forgive Yourself and Go After Your Dreams,Noelle helps readers reach their lifelong yearnings.

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