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Like God, Girlhood is a kind of middle distance—

the fit and flare moment a girl decides

the noir of crying in public isn’t worth ruining

her makeup. If you’ve checked his DMs,

his computer history, the backs of his pupils

for buxom brunettes writhing naked on

a screen, you’ve stood on this pier, ignited

by indignation. Soon Cindy will step out

of the scene and back behind the camera.

She’ll paint on the print even more eyeliner—

the ceaseless need to cheat on truth with truth.

after Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Still #25


Lexi Pelle was the winner of the 2022 Jack McCarthy Book prize. Her work has appeared or is

forthcoming in Rattle, Ninth Letter, One Art, Sucarnochee Review, and Zenaida. Her debut

book, Let Go With The Lights On, will be released in May.

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