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Man-Made Happiness

The room welcomes a warm, vibrant yellow,

Warmth emboldens its glittering embrace,

The sunlight petrifies one in shadow,

As though one were living in a glass case.

It is here that I find my dew-strewn heart,

Although the morning is cold and bitter,

My core is good as gold from the start,

The whistling chill quiets any critter,

The bulbs are sprinkled like sprawled out stardust,

Scattered about in selfless abundance,

Building peace from chaos in certain trust,

Joy for the emptiness occurs in trance.

The room fills my heart and fixes it whole,

Unwittingly gifting a piece of soul.


A Connecticut native, Bailey Quinn adores the extraordinary. She has been published in APIARY Magazine (Oct 2021) and The Villanovan (Mar 2021-present). Quinn’s art was featured in Villanova University’s Ellipsis Magazine (May 2021), and in the MoCA Teens exhibition by The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA (Los Angeles) this past spring.

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