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ICE, ICE, Baby (A Bragging Poem)



Fallen down the rabbit-hole


of our powers, or persecuted


by diabolical forces—as we age


into wisdom and courage,


becoming crafty crones,


we become the stronger sex—


I am invincible; I am Woman.   



ICE, ICE, Baby—In Case of Emergency,


little-boy-lost (like in Steinberg’s  


cartoon, men sliding downward)—


Reach out; I’ll be there.     



Seeking salvation


in guns or sports?  Silly man,


that was just a trick,


diverting your attention,


while the tables are finally turned,



and we women


confiscate your shiny toys,


leaving only your foolish heart.


 (with thanks to Helen Reddy and Vanilla Ice)


Alison Jennings is a Seattle-based poet who taught in public schools before returning

to poetry.  She’s had a mini-chapbook and 80 other poems published in numerous journals—including Cathexis Northwest Press, Mslexia, Poetic Sun, Red Door, and Society of Classical Poets—and been a semi-finalist in several contests. 




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