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I Don’t Regret You but…

I don’t regret you but

you don’t deserve me.

I can now forget you but

disappointment reigns.

I misread you…

You wrapped in the guise

of my enchanted heart and eyes,

I tried to carve you into what I desired.

Still I feel you hurt me

In a way not deserving,

respect and courtesy ignored

and trust mislaid,

It was ‘how’ not ‘what’

that really pained.

You say, “let’s be friends”.

How could I?

Don’t you understand?

There’s no forgiving

when my dignity is slain.


Carmel Rooney is a retired university lecturer, (TUdublin) living in Dublin, Ireland. She originally trained and worked as an actress. She writes drama, some poetry and the odd article. Published in Riposte, a monthly poetry broadsheet in Dublin.

Articles published in U Magazine and Ireland’s Own and a tiny play, ‘Super Heroes', in online Journal Pendemic.

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