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A sea of kelly, emerald, lime, forest, jade Heart-shapes bound by coiled, curled vines Parrot feathers shoot up, heave in from corners Clover creeping, threading a floating patchwork Canary colored buds stand stretching for the sun Tall grasses loom and hover, casting blinds of shade Tranquil breezes break the sweltering Fahrenheit Dancing hawks high above cast circling shadows A symphony of buzzes and whispering leaves, Chirps, tweets, caws, croaks, and gulps, A steadily babbling bubbler erupts swishing Water waves gently, an aqua sheet in the wind One footstep, serenity ceases. Ground tremors, quakes, vibrations echo, Reverse rain bursts, heart-shapes spring and splash Kelly, emerald, lime-speckled blurs leap, dip, and dive Moments pass, stillness restored, Canary eyes blink beneath the buds Cream curved chins cut the water, chirping, croaking, laughing bellows resume.

BIO E.G. Herbst is an emerging writer that completed her Advanced Certificate in Creative Writing from University of Pennsylvania in 2021. She focuses on poetry and creative non-fiction, and was recently published by Wingless Dreamer and Poet’s Choice. E.G. lives in New Hope, Pennsylvania (U.S.) with her husband, two dogs, and two cats. Herbst works professionally as a Director of Marketing in management consulting. She earned her M.S. at Northeastern University, her M.P.S. at Pratt Institute, and her B.S at Drexel University

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