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We wake without an alarm

find each other from opposite sides.

In this tender moment the doubt eases—

of course I am here and in no other city,

no other bed, no other arms.

Her cell chimes.  I don’t recognize

the ring.  She’s changed

it since I’ve been away at school.

It’s a call from another continent.

She balances on the edge of bed,

yells into the phone.

I slip to the kitchen, brew a pot of coffee.

When I bring her a mug full,

she whispers thank you 

from behind the slant of phone,

before she turns her back to me

and I begin to dream of the place I just left.


Gabriella M. Belfiglio lives in Brooklyn, NY with her partner, child, and five cats. Gabriella’s poem “Erasure,” won the W.B. Yeats Poetry Contest.

Gabriella’s work has been widely published in anthologies and journals including Radius, The Centrifugal Eye, The Potomac Review, and Lambda Literary Review. 

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