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Advice Best Ignored

Stand up straight, shoulders back, point those bosoms but don’t wear low-tops, coloured bras, have visible panty lines, bikinis that show off your mum tum, stretch marks, a wisp of pubic hair. Shave it off, present yourself to your man silky smooth, lip-sticked, hair-brushed, dinner on the way, coffee freshly made and accept his grumbles about laundry unfolded, a kitchen bench smeared. Wear a padded bra to hide nipples, an underwire to gouge you into perfection, rise to every challenge of domesticity, feed your baby homegrown, organic freshly pureed silver-beet that you picked yourself after baking a cake, smoothing fresh sheets, taking the children to school, crying alone on the bathroom floor, blood pooled and a baby dead and no-one you can trust to tell.

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I counted sewing pins in the pin cushion before and after I sewed your little dress for fear a pin gone stray would pierce your tender roaming toddler feet I seemed programmed to meet your every need

I don’t concern myself with wrinkles now that I have started drawing eyebrows. Some days my eyebrows are movie star right so high in the arched places. It’s like I am looking down my nose from a cliff

They say he cannot reach me, cannot touch me. They say anxiety breeds him, makes him. He’s real enough to me. Those shocking, sibilant, small sounds unnamed, unknown, whistling down the wind. Cob spid

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