Editorial Critique

Providing an objective overview to take your writing to the next level.

before you submit



You might want to consider an Editorial Critique if your short story or memoir:

  • has not been workshopped.

  • is not moving forward or in a direction you intended it to go in.

  • is suffering from writer's block.


An Editorial Critique takes place in different phases of the writing process. A story or memoir might be in need of an objective assessment: 

  • before any revisions take place.

  • when the story needs a final polishing.

  • before it is submitted to a journal.

Pencil Sharpener

Editorial Critique

Good writing happens because writers have someone else take a critical look at their work. 

GDLJ provides an overview of a short story or memoir to address the narrator's voice, character arc, storyline/ plot, general flow, typos, grammatical errors, verb tense and POV shifts, and passive voice. 

We highlight examples in the work to help you revise in a constructive manner. 

Visit our Submittable page. Scroll down to Submit a piece. We accept pieces up to 5K words.