Structure & Style

A solid framework and good flow are critical to getting published.

developmental & line editing 

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Editing and revising are two different steps.

  • Editing is what editors do.

  • Revising is what writers do.

  • It's hard to be objective about your work.

  • Constructive feedback simplifies the process.


Structure & Style looks at the beginning, middle, and end of the story or memoir. We address the chronology of events and clarity of flow and voice: 

  • after you've written a draft or two.

  • if you need to know that the base is solid.

  • before it is submitted to a journal.

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Structure & Style

Good writing happens because writers have someone else take a critical look at their work. 

Writing is a process. Some writers are gifted in achieving a perfect story the first go round. But most of us, even the editors (we are writers too) at GDLJ, use editors before we publish.

A good edit makes the process of revision easier and more efficient for you, the writer.

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