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 The Grande Dame Literary Journal is a blog-style journal for women writers of a certain age (we won’t ask) who write short stories, short memoir, and/or are interested in promoting self-published books with an excerpt and a purchasing link. We want to promote the writing of women who embrace life and sprinkle experiential wisdom throughout their stories, memoirs, and books. Write stories that pull on heartstrings, add a dash of humor and a dollop of food, and it will linger on our palate. See Guidelines for specifics.

The goal is to offer a welcoming platform for Grande Dames to share their written work. As a late bloomer author, I understand the frustration of rejection and want to make the process a bit less painful. It's hard coming to the party late. Between my author's blog, journal submissions, and novel writing, I want to be seen as a serious author. If these words resonate with you, then this is the place to submit your material. GDJL will welcome you with open arms. 

What makes me qualified to host GDJL? 

I hold an MS in PR/Communications (NYU), worked in marketing communications, honed fiction writing skills through the Westport Writers Workshop, Fairfield University, Sarah Lawrence Writers Institute, and Fairfield County Story Lab, and am a recently published short story author. And yes, I am a woman of a certain age. 

Kate Becker, Editor